Our History

» Reverend Charles Henry, Churn
» About Our Christian Academy
Our academy was brought out of the Ministry of Rev. Charles Henry Churn Jr. "The Lord Spoke to Rev. Churn about starting a Christian Academy". The academy was founded in 1978, and was originally named "Prayer with Care." Following Rev. Churn's passing, the academy was named in his honor. For 35 years, Charles Churn Christian Academy has been providing a Bible-based curriculum.

Principle Dr. Linda Hunt has been with the academy for 16 years and has been a teacher for 20 years. We continue to provide exceptional education for children and adults. Our ministry provides a sense of generosity, and we are truly filled with love and concern for each child we teach. Our Christian academy features small class sizes and reasonable prices. Contact us to register your child in our very Christian organization.
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Contact us in Brooklyn, New York, to get information about our Christian school.